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Essentials of Effective Business Writing
Whether you or your employees are business professionals needing remedial help with writing skills or simply looking for that extra edge, this small group seminar could be just what your company needs to excel in today's competitive marketplace. Learn the basics of effective writing for a business environment. Choose either our one-day seminar or our ten-week program. We also can tailor a program to meet the unique needs of your business situation. Please contact us for more details.
Essentials of Business Etiquette
In the days of chivalry, people realized it was not enough to be technically competent to be an outstanding professional. It also demanded good manners. While times and the nature of work have certainly changed, the need for etiquette has not. You have a great product or service to sell. Why not have exceptional manners to match? You will be amazed how proper etiquette can help your business grow in ways that technical expertise cannot. Incidentally, it may also make your office environment and personal relationships that much more pleasant and enjoyable. Choose from our offering of one-day, four-week, or specialized seminars. Please contact us for more details.
Essentials of ESL for Business
It takes more than technical knowledge to succeed in today's business world. It also takes exceptional communication skills. For those business professionals for whom English is their second language, this seminar is just what the doctor ordered. Guided by an academic professional, participants will learn the essentials of the English language and of effective business writing so that their written work can shine as bright as their technical work. Choose from our two-day or ten-week seminars. Speciliazed programs can also be arranged to meet the specific needs of the client. Please contact us for more details.
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